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Vol. V, No. 4

January 2014

From Our President

Dear Camp Family,

Happy New Year and God's Blessings on all,

We are delighted at the way God is helping us as we prepare for Camp Meeting 2014, the 75th since the founding of our Camp. A number of special things are planned to commemorate our 75th Anniversary.

A wonderful group of volunteers has been working since summer preparing the buildings and grounds. Street prayer meetings have begun, praying for Revival and God's blessings on our Camp and its ministry. Friday night services have been well attended and the Spirit of God has favored us with His blessings. Camp finances have remained steady throughout the summer and fall for which we thank God and His people.

The Trustee Board will be meeting February 3 at 8:30 A.M. to elect a new President and other officers. The entire camp family is asked to pray for God's will to be done.

On a personal note, let me say I appreciate the prayers, love, and support of our people over the past year. We can say with the song writer, " Great is thy Faithfulness....Morning by Morning new mercies I see."

Yours for the Kingdom,

-- Rev. Dean Gilkerson, President

From Our Treasurer

Greetings to our Camp Family,

Thank you for your financial support of the Avon Park Holiness Camp during the year 2013 as we were able to finish on the plus side. We are very grateful to all the volunteers as that has reduced our MAINTENANCE EXPENSES greatly.

Each year brings changes and we are happy to announce that Karen Miller will be assuming a major portion of the accounting that Bonnie has done in the past years and she will have her office in the Morrison Building which will make it more convenient.

This year we have a number of homes on the camp ground available for sale as well as some park models and trailers. We would also love to have some new sponsorships. In addition, there are several empty lots, and we would love to see a new home built on the property. If you would like more information on any of these, contact Dale Oyer or Dave Coller.

We are looking forward to a very special 75th Anniversary of Avon Park Holiness Camp and praying the New Year will bring special blessings to each of you.

-- Robert Hudson, Treasurer

From the Radio Committee

The Radio Committee which was appointed by the Camp Board and assigned the task of making application for a Low Power FM station for the Camp worked diligently for seven months and was successful in filing our application on November 14, 2013. It is unknown how long it will take for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to act on the application, but they have indicated that they hope to be making approvals within two or three months.

Members of the Radio Committee who are available will be meeting with the Camp Board on January 6 to discuss plans for moving ahead. These include designing a permanent Radio Board, development of necessary policies, funding, and other important facets of the project. Committee chair Ray Bachman is now on the Camp grounds and would welcome your input on this unique opportunity to enlarge the evangelistic outreach of the Camp. You may contact him on the grounds or by email at radioavonpark@gmail.com

-- Ray Bachman, Radio committee Chair


If you didn't get your 2014 Camp Meeting brochure, they are available online (Inside | Outside) or you can call the office with your updated address so we can send you one.

The 75th annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting is Thursday, January 30, through Sunday, February 9 2014. Scheduled Evangelists are Dave Engbrecht, Tom Hermiz and David Gallimore, with Bible Teacher David Case. Burt Kettinger, song leader, Dan Greer, organist, and Evelyn Smiley, pianist, make up our team of musicians.

Make your reservations for Camp Meeting today! For dorm rooms or apartment or trailer rentals, call Rosa at the office 863-453-6831. Call Sonny and Dianne at 812-945-7828 for RV reservations. Our campsites are available year round!



Avon Park Camp is celebrating 75 years of sharing the Word here in beautiful Central Florida. An exciting commemoration has been planned and we are looking forward to a special time in the Lord. Keep your mind focused and watch for noticeable signs of celebration.

Ladies Welcome Tea

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
2:00 pm in Dining Hall
Theme: Romans 8:11

Prayer Opportunities

Please pray for Jean Alexander, Mary Allen, Nathan Althoff, Burnis and Thelma Bushong, Mary Cheuvront, Len Gamber, Dean and Marlene Gilkerson, Lois Henry, Marion Lewton, Pete Mass, Fran Moore, Kathy Patterson, Jean Rollings, and Pauline Sizemore.

Please pray for our camp leadership team and each member of our camp.



Dawn Batterbee Miller is looking for information about Avon Park Camp history. She is writing an account of the camp’s history both documentary and personal. To that end Dawn would appreciate an opportunity to visit with those who have been with the camp for some time and have historical information to share. At this time she is particularly interested in information about building the present tabernacle.

If you have information, please contact Dawn at Batterbee@aol.com or at 863-452-2021.


Ray Bachman's latest book, Drastic Discipleship, was released in August. It is a study in the Acts of the Apostles. The main thrust of the study is that the early Church was very successful in its growth because every member took seriously the Great Commission which was the mission statement and objective of the Church.

The book is available at Cooper Bookstore on the Camp Ground or from Ray's internet site where you may claim a 20% discount by entering GELV35G8 in the discount code box at checkout.


God's Bible School Choir returns to the Avon Park Camp Tabernacle on Monday, February 24, 2014, at 7:00 pm. Please come and invite your friends! (FreeWill Offering)



On Thursday, November 28th, a large number of people shared Thanksgiving Dinner in the Dining Hall. Thanks to all who helped make the dinner a wonderful time of fellowship!

The annual Avon Park Camp Christmas Dinner was also a great time of fellowship. We also enjoyed food, singing, a program, and somebody even brought mistletoe... Uh-oh!

If you didn't get here in time for these gatherings this year, plan on joining us next winter!

Mark 15:12-15a NET

So Pilate spoke to them again, “Then what do you want me to do with the one you call king of the Jews?” They shouted back, “Crucify him!” Pilate asked them, “Why? What has he done wrong?” But they shouted more insistently, “Crucify him!” Because he wanted to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas for them.

The Strange Preacher's Kid

Pilate asked the question each of us must answer, "What shall I do with Jesus?" The question is personal and demands action.

Although Pilate declared that he found no fault in Jesus, he felt no spiritual obligation, but acted politically: Please the crowd to keep peace with the Jews so that he could keep his appointment through Rome.

What will you do with Jesus? Not only is there your initial response to His call, but also the daily, moment-by-moment choices you make. Will you listen to the crowd and choose the world? or will you stand for Christ, choose Him, act in His will?

-- PAB

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