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Vol. VI, No. 1

April 2014

From Our President

Greetings to the Avon Park Camp Meeting family.

On March 10 I had my first opportunity to meet with the camp board. It was an excellent meeting and several important ministries were set in motion. These decisions should strengthen our administrative structure.

We also set several things in motion with the desire to give the camp an outreach beyond the camp meeting.

We decided to explore the possibility of starting outreach ministries to the significant Hispanic population in Avon Park. The Community Bible Church and the local Church of the Nazarene have committed to partner with us. Also, we are planning to live stream the camp services. This has the potential to take our message world wide.

Your prayers and support are essential as we endeavor to expand influence far beyond Avon Park.

Grace and Peace,

-- Thomas H. Hermiz

From Our Treasurer

Greetings to our Camp Family,

Thank you for your financial support of the Avon Park Holiness Camp during Camp Meeting and the weeks following. Thank you also to all the volunteers as that has reduced our MAINTENANCE EXPENSES greatly.

Our greatest need now is that when most of you are up north, many of our expenses continue. We have been blessed in the past years by our continuing share program. If you could help us there, it would be greatly appreciated.

One of our greatest blessings has been the Gift Annuity Program. We have had 37 participants with a total of $370,000 invested. The Gift Annuity is a gift that keeps on giving, first to the donor, and then to the charity. If you would like a sample of how it works with a return of 5 to 9 percent, I would be glad to work with you on that.

Thank you again for your support. God bless you.

-- Robert Hudson, Treasurer

From the Business Manager

Well, Camping Season is winding down. Folk are heading North at a rapid rate, and the trailer park is starting to show empty places where people once were. Dorms are mostly empty and the apartments are becoming more vacant each day. It's kind of sad for us who live here year round.

Jean Alexander's house is in the process of being sold. Thank the Lord for that and for the new people coming in. We have a tentative sale on Clarence Schoenhals house. Several others are still for sale. (See the website Homes For Sale page)

As many of you know, Sonny and Diane Wilson have resigned as Trailer Park Managers. They have done a tremendous job, and we will truly miss them. Thanks Sonny and Diane for your faithful service to the Lord and Avon Park Camp. We praise the Lord that he has brought to us new people to fill that job. Ken and Judy Drake have accepted the job as Trailer Park Managers. They are new here this year, but have been a blessing, working in the kitchen and Dining Hall during Camp. Since they were managers of a large motel complex, they come fully trained and equipped to step right in. Isn't God's timing perfect?

We have a large group of Hispanic people coming in for their National Conference/Campmeeting during April 26 thru April 29. They will take up all of our rooms and facilities, and we Praise the Lord that these grounds will be used for His Glory. It will take a lot of work, and we do thank the Lord for our wonderful staff. This place could not operate without dedicated volunteers. Dale Oyer and all his volunteers will be cutting grass, maintaining the facilities and initiating improvements. Sue Oyer will be organizing all the cleaning associated with various groups coming in. Bob and Sharon Humphries will be coming back from Indiana to do the laundry. Many other volunteers will be assisting where necessary. What a testament of these volunteers' love for the Lord. THANK YOU ALL.

As we pray for you this summer, we covet your prayers for the Camp, Board, Staff and Volunteers that God will protect us and use us for His Glory and the building of the Kingdom here at Avon Park Camp as we work together.

-- Dave Coller

Camp Meeting 2015

The 76th annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting is Thursday, January 29, through Sunday, February 8, 2015. Scheduled Evangelists are George Holly, Norm Wilson, Nelson Perdue, with Bible Teacher Jonathan Morgan and Todd Guy, song leader.

Make your reservations for Camp Meeting today! For dorm rooms or apartment or trailer rentals, call Rosa at the office 863-453-6831. Our campsites are also available year round!


Prayer Opportunities

Please pray for Jean Alexander, Mary Allen, Sharon Allison, Norma Barnard, Burnis and Thelma Bushong, Mary Cheuvront, FLossie Coller, Len Gamber, Lois Henry, Tom and Ella Mae Hermiz, Fran Moore, the Rahenkamps (Jim and Heidi, Lois Bower, Geneva Beck, Rae, Marco and Phebe Bartolomeo), Millie Rutkowski, and Dianne Wilson.

Please pray for those traveling, our camp leadership team, and each member of our camp.



For those still in the Avon Park area: We will have an Easter Dinner at 1:00 pm on Easter Sunday. Bring a dish to share and your place settings. The camp will furnish meat, bread and drinks.


All women who attend Avon Park Holiness Camp are de facto members of the Women's Auxiliary. If you would like to receive the annual newsletter and your address is not in the 2012 Camp Directory or has changed, please let Nina Morrow know by email at i9ah@att.net, or by mail at 545 Timberidge Dr, St Peters MO 63376. That address is also good if you would like to pay the voluntary annual dues and have not yet.


If you would like a prayer concern sent out by email, please contact the camp chaplain, Rev. Dean Gilkerson, at (863) 452-6724, or Patty at eprayer@avonparkcamp.com.


If you know somebody who is not on the eNews list that would like to receive it, please send their email address to Patty at eprayer@avonparkcamp.com.

Reports and Requests


On Wednesday, March 26th, a large number of people joined to honor our special anniversary couples in the Dining Hall. Click Here to see those honored this year (for 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th, or 74th anniversary). Bruce Vickey emceed this enjoyable program.

We also had a gathering to honor Dean Gilkerson for his leadership this past year, an auction of camp extras, an Arts and Crafts show, a Chat with Doris Adkins, Monday night Sing Thing, and many other after camp activities.

If you didn't stay long enough for these gatherings this year, plan on staying longer next winter!


WGM missionaries Andy and Lizet Bowen and family return for home assignment in mid-June. They need a fairly late model van with low mileage as they will be traveling all over the United States with the family. If you are able to help them with this need, please contact Earle or Dottie Bowen at 1001 Peniel, Avon Park FL 33825, or phone 863-452-0322.


Please continue to pray for Fran Moore. She is at home from the hospital, but not doing well. We need wisdom for her care. If people want to send her a card: 103 E. Tenny Ave., Louisville, KY 40214 or call: 502-361-2715.

Thanks very much,
Norma (Moore) Mason and Sylvia (Moore) Degenkolb


Thanks to all that prayed for Iva Hutton who went to Florida Hospital in Sebring with high blood pressure. They discovered a gall bladder problem and suggested that we return to Vero Beach to get a doctor for further study. We flew to Neosho, MO and the to Joplin for surgery on February 23rd. We will be back in Joplin April 11Th to have stints removed from a bile duct. Iva is recovering and is ready for the drive from Vero Beach to Neosho, MO where we will be until the first of October. The address is 517 W Hickory St. Neosho, Mo 64850.

Thank you all
Richard Hutton

The Strange Preacher's Kid

Mark 16:5-8 NLT

They went into the grave. There they saw a young man with a long white coat sitting on the right side. They were afraid. He said, “Do not be afraid. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth Who was nailed to a cross. He is risen! He is not here! See, here is the place where they laid Him. Go and tell His followers and Peter that He is going ahead of you into Galilee. You will see Him there as He told you.” They ran from the grave shaking and were surprised. They did not say anything to anyone because they were afraid.

Why were the women afraid?

  • Their life had been turned upside down with the death of their leader.
  • They were taking a political risk going to the grave.
  • They didn't know who they could or would ask to move the stone blocking the entrance so they could minister to Jesus' body.
  • When they arrived, the stone had been moved and the grave was empty. They certainly did not expect this.
  • A stranger with an even stranger appearance sat inside the grave.
  • Although Jesus had told them, they didn't really believe he would rise again, yet they were told to tell the disciples about it.

The only proof the angel was telling the truth is his reference to Jesus words that he would meet them in Galilee. (Mark 14:28) What proof do you have that Jesus has risen? What has his death and resurrection meant for you? What will you do about it? Are you afraid to share your experience and knowledge? or will you be obedient to his call to you?

-- PAB

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