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Vol. IX, No. 2

JULY 2017

From Our President

Greetings in the strong name of Jesus!

I trust you are well and enjoying these beautiful summer days.

Ella Mae and I just celebrated our 60th anniversary. I was preaching our camp meeting here in Circleville. We were completely surprised when our kids, grandkids, great grandkids along with one of my brothers and sisters walked into the service. The denomination hosted a very nice reception following the service. We are very blessed and give praise to God for great grace and His tender mercies.

May the Lord bless each of you. We are looking forward to a great camp meeting in Avon Park in February and hope to see you then.

Grace and peace,
-- Tom Hermiz

From our Director of Buildings and Grounds

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. How wonderful to know that we can count on His presence with us in every circumstance. Many of our friends from Avon Park have been facing some very difficult times. Some have lost loved ones while others have been experiencing serious health issues. "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."-- Proverbs 19:21. NIV

One of the things that has always impressed me about Avon Park Camp is how people care about and pray for each other. Thank you for your faithfulness in doing this.

I'm happy to report to you that with the help of Beverly Cowles the camp has sold two houses recently. One of them is located at 1005 Peniel and the other one at 1200 Bethel. There are currently three houses for sale along with four mobile homes and one park model.

The schedule for this fall is beginning to take shape. I am happy to inform you that Dr. Earle Bowen will lead our Tuesday morning Bible Studies for the months of November and December. Dr. Michael Sanders from Warner University will be leading our Bible Studies during the month of January and then Rev. Larry Locke who is on staff at the South Lake Wales Church of God in Lake Wales will be leading them for February and March.

Avon Park is experiencing an abundance of rain. We would encourage you to pray for God's protection over our facilities at Avon Park Camp. We've already experienced some problems with several security lights due to lightning strikes.

Norm Lamy has been very busy taking care of items required by the Fire inspector, and handling a variety of other maintenance jobs in recent weeks. Of course he has been spending many hours mowing grass as well.

-- Dale Dorothy

Prayer Opportunities

Please pray for Verva Adam, Jean Alexander, Grace Anderson, Marco and Phebe Bartolomeo, Geneva Beck, Lois Bower, Elza Bond, Art Bridger and the family of Donna Bridger, Jim and Suzy Bryce, Burnis Bushong, Flossie Coller, Dale and Glenna Dorothy, Dean and Carol Ellicott, Joanne Gamber, Jeannine Grenfell and the family of John Grenfell, Walter and Genny Hackett, Tom and Ella Mae Hermiz, Imogene James, Glenn and Wahnita Learn, Jack and Dorothy Luckert, Bette McVety, Reba Peters, Jim and Heidi Rahenkamp, the family of John Rhodes, Bob and Arlene Sanger.

Please pray for our camp leadership team, and each member of our camp.

Caring Corner

Jim Bryce shares a praise with good news from his doctor.

Dorothy Luckert requests prayer as she receives a knee replacement this week.

From Bill and Mary Welker: We had dinner with the Castos and Baldersons on June 16th. Thanks to Joan and J.R Adkins for driving us to the restaurant. We had a good time in catching up on the happenings around the camp. Bill and I are doing OK, Bill's driving is limited and my health comes and goes, some days better than others. I had total knee replacements in 2016, what a blessing and relief of constant pain. Our GOD is so good to us.

Linda Six requests prayer for Verva Adam who recently had her 88th birthday. She fell and fractured her L2 (tailbone area) and is in a lot of pain in her back. They will be fitting her for a back brace.

What's Happening

The 2018 Camp Meeting Brochures can now be downloaded and printed:

2018 Brochure Inside | 2018 Brochure Outside

The concert schedule for the 2017-2018 Camp Year includes a Christmas Cantata on Friday, December 1, the Mark Dubbeld Family on Friday, February 2, and The Lore Family on Friday, March 2. In addition, the KMBC Trio will be part of our worship on Saturday, February 10.

Update on our Florida Sandhill Crane babies: They did hatch, but did not have enough natural habitat to protect them. Unfortunately they were destroyed by birds of prey or our resident coyote. Maybe next year, if they choose to nest on our property, their protective environment will not be disturbed. Florida Sandhill Cranes (the ones that stay here year-round) are on the Florida threatened species list and they are protected by the federal government.



Beulah Holiness Camp Meeting in Eldorado, IL, hosts its annual Avon Park Day on Tuesday, August 1st. You know you can't wait to see everybody, so come on over for Bible Study at 9:30 am (Rev. Jim Slone), Worship at 10:45 am (Rev. Tom Atkins) and Lunch at 12:15 pm. You may even want to stay for the Evening Worship at 7:30 pm (Michael Hancock) which includes a healing service. You can download their brochure at beulahholinesscamp.org


The Ohio Snowbird Reunion will be Saturday, August 19 at 2:00 p.m. at Der Dutchmann Restaraunt in Bellville, OH. Please let Lori know if you prefer to do the buffet again or have the meal served family style. RSVP by July 15. Contact Lori at 419-564-2037 or lorilou712@yahoo.com.


If you are from Michigan and attend Avon Park Holiness Camp, please email Dawn Miller at Batterbee@aol.com with your contact information. Ray Bachman and Dawn are making a list.... hmmmmm..... Wonder what they are planning?


We still have some houses and park models for sale on the campground. For more information, call Beverly Cowles at 863-368-1107.


Missionary Church Day is Wednesday, February 7. Following the morning service the group will move to an off-site location for lunch and a program. Get this date on your calender NOW!


Ray and Jean Bachman are organizing a pilgrimage to Israel next winter from February 11th to 22nd. For more information contact the Bachmans at bachmanjr@gmail.com or by phone at either 870-425-2733 or 870-405-4033.


Wesley Biblical Seminary now offers the Master of Divinity degree at Oklahoma Wesleyan University's Tulsa Seminary. Apply now for Fall 2017! Call 601-366-8880 or visit wbs.edu for more information.


The 79th annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting from Sunday, February 4, through Sunday, February 11, 2018 promises excitement and spirit-filled worship with Preaching Evangelists Dr. Nelson Perdue and Dr. J. K. Warrick, Bible Teacher Dr. Christopher Bounds and Mike and Denise Cork, song evangelists.

Dr. Hermiz will open the camp on Sunday evening. Monday is MISSIONARY DAY, and Tuesday begins our schedule of Morning Magnification at 7:00 am, Bible Study at 9:00 am, Morning Service at 10:30 am, Missionary Moments at 6:15 pm, and Evening Service at 7:00 pm.

Please reserve your room, apartment or RV slot early, as those who only come for part of Camp Meeting will have fewer available openings. Brenda will be pleased to help you with your reservations.

The Strange Preacher's Kid

Matthew 6:22-23 NET "The eye is the lamp of the body. If then your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is diseased, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!"


Various of my friends have been amazed following cataract surgery. They hadn't realized how poor their vision had become. Some even had doubted the surgery was necessary.

Some people claim to be right with God in spite of actions that show they are not. They show up in church with their eyes so diseased that the light does not get in. They live in darkness, never knowing, but darkness is all they share: pointing fingers at others, picking arguments over inconsequential matters, gossiping, passing on negative thoughts.

Yet we have seen when the Holy Spirit removes the scales from their eyes. Their entire demeanor changes. Bitterness turns to joy.

Are you perhaps growing spiritual cataracts? A daily check-in with Yahweh Rapha will keep your eyes clear. You will see and reflect His light.

-- pab


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