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Vol. X, No. 3


From Our President

Dear Friends,

In just four months we will begin to experience another outstanding Avon Park holiness camp meeting.

I am a strong believer in camp meetings and am convinced they can still play an important role in our world today. I was saved at a holiness camp meeting in New York as a teenager and met my wife Ella Mae. Those were two of the most important events of my life. While serving as president of World Gospel Mission I was amazed at the large number of missionaries that were either saved, sanctified or called into missions at a camp meeting.

I grew up attending the great Mount of Praise camp in Circleville, Ohio. It was there that I had the opportunity to hear some of the greatest holiness preachers in America. It had a profound and positive influence on my life. It was not uncommon to see four or five thousand people in attendance and literally hundreds at the altar.

I hope you are looking forward to this year's camp meeting. Two of the finest holiness preachers you will ever hear will be our evangelists, Dr Nelson Perdue and Dr Jim Diehl. Our bible teacher, Dr John Oswalt, is one of the premier Old Testament scholars in our world today. The Leckrones will warm our hearts with inspiring music.

I can assure you the services will be outstanding and the fellowship uplifting.

I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you at another great Avon Park holiness camp meeting.

Grace & Peace,
-- Tom Hermiz

From our Director of Operations

We send you greetings from Avon Park Holiness Camp. We trust that you've had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to a great winter season with us here at the camp.

We want to thank you for your support for Avon Park Holiness Camp. It is your prayers, financial support, and participation in the activities of the camp that make it possible for the camp to continue. We are very grateful for those who have committed to regular monthly giving to the camp. As you can imagine, with less income during the summer months, it makes it more difficult to meet regular maintenance and utility costs. Norm Lamy, our buildings & grounds assistant, was cut back to half time this last spring due to health reasons. He's been in the hospital a couple of times during the summer but has been doing well the past six weeks. He has done well in keeping up with the mowing. Occasionally he will get some help in mowing and trimming from a couple of volunteers here on the grounds. Thank you for your prayers for Norm.

Preparations are under way for the winter season. Our Bible study teachers have been selected and are busy preparing for our Bible study times together. Many of the speakers have already been chosen for our Friday evening services. Brenda, our office manager, is busy receiving reservations for our many returning friends as well as some who are coming to spend the winter with us for the first time.

Other activities here on the grounds involve quite a bit of general maintenance in getting things ready for our winter season. As you know there are not many people around during the summer months so those of us here on the grounds can find plenty of things to do.

We want to publicly thank the Avon Park Nazarene Church for donating a very nice organ to the camp. We are hoping to use it in both the Luce Lounge and the dining room.

If you have friends looking for a good place to retire or spend the winters tell them about Avon Park Camp. We currently have 6 fully furnished houses for sale on the grounds starting at $40,000.

Following is a list of projects we would like to see completed here at the camp. We will be posting a more descriptive list on our bulletin board.

  • Install vinyl laminate in kitchen of Schiltz Apartment #5-----Materials----------------$ 160.00
  • Install vinyl laminate in kitchen of Schiltz Apartment #6-----Materials----------------$ 160.00
  • Purchase sewer drain cleaning machine and cables ----------Cost-----------------------$ 1,940.49
  • Replace Dock & Activity Deck on Lake Isis-----------------------Materials & Labor-----$ 7,802.00
  • Replace Air Conditioners in Tabernacle---Equip. & Labor-$ 5,200.00 per unit: There is a total of 8 units bringing the total cost to ------------------------------------- $41,600.00
  • Convert Old Bookstore to Conference Room--------------------Materials----------------$11,525.00

Would you pray with us that the Lord would provide the necessary funds for these projects? Before initiating a project, we must have 80% of the funding on hand.


-- Dale Dorothy

From our Treasurer

Greetings from the Treasurer's Office,

I would love to give you a glowing report of how the funds are rolling in and we have been able to restore amounts back to our Investment Accounts, but THAT JUST ISN'T HAPPENING.

It seems to be the lowest and slowest time ever in receiving contributions with the daily operation of the camp still going on, even costing more as you consider the higher cost of expenses in all areas of: electric, water/sewage, insurance, etc. Also, these past several months we have lost a number of our good supporters/donors as they were promoted to their heavenly home. All that to say, we do need your prayers and financial support and appreciate all you have each done for the camp down through the years.

-- Bonnie Hudson, Treasurer

From our Tech Team

Lord Willing, it is our goal to have the Campus Internet up and operational on November 1st, 2018. Technical assistance and/or repair will be available from Nov 1, 2018 - March 29, 2019, all proceeds will be donated to the Camp technical budget.

For technical assistance/help/repair after 11/1/18, please stop by the Tech Office located in the former RV office, (same door as the mail room) or call 863-453-7194 and leave a message. You can also send an email to aphctech@gmail.com.

Campus Internet will be disconnected March 29th of 2019 with temporary internet access available in a central location, yet to be determined, through the end of April 2019.

Thanks, Gary

From our Dining Hall Managers

Fellowship Cafe will be starting Friday, January 4th, following the evening service.

We will begin serving breakfast in the cafe on Monday, January 28th.

Prayer Opportunities

Please pray for Jean Alexander, Grace Anderson, Billie Beard, Elza Bond, Burnis Bushong, Dean and Carol Ellicott, Joanne Gamber, Walter and Genny Hackett, Imogene James, Jack and Dorothy Luckert, Pete Mass, Bette McVety, Elaine Moughler, Jim and Heidi Rahenkamp, and Bob and Arlene Sanger.

Please pray for our camp leadership team, and each member of our camp.

Caring Corner

Rhea Huey is now living in Long Beach, MS, with her brother and his wife. She would love to hear from you. Address: 5009 Plantation Drive, Long Beach MS 39560 Phone: 228-867-2064 eMail: rehuey@centurylink.net

Please pray for Pete Mass. He is still not able to swallow correctly since his mouth and tongue and jaw surgery for cancer, three months ago. He is having swallowing therapy, but it is a slow process. He is still on pureed food and thickened liquids, but God is able!!

Esther Leininger reports that she has resigned from WGM and is beginning work in Peru through the Wesleyan Church. She invites you to see pictures and information on Facebook, or download her picture and newsletter directly.



We still have some houses and park models for sale on the campground. Check out our HOMES FOR SALE webpage, then, for more information, call the office at 863-453-6831 or Beverly Cowles at 863-368-1107.


Thursday, January 31st
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
(lunch included)
Tickets $40.00, $35.00 if purchased early

Get excited already for our Ladies' Retreat featuring Carol Kent. She will be speaking from her book Unquenchable: Grow a Wildfire Faith that Will Endure Anything.


The 80th annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 3, through Sunday, February 10, 2019. Preaching Evangelists are Dr. Jim Diehl and David Gallimore, Bible Teacher is John Oswalt and music evangelists are Larry and Tamla Leckrone.

Brenda will be pleased to help you with your reservations. Call her at the office: 863-453-6831

The 2019 Camp Meeting Brochures are available. If you need a quantity for your Camp Meeting, please call the office. You may also download and print your copies:

2019 Brochure Inside | 2019 Brochure Outside (for printing)


Click for SPECIAL EVENTS 2019

New Speer Family, January 4th
Ladies Retreat, January 31st
Rick Webb Family, February 1st
Camp Meeting, February 3rd-10th
The Browns, February 22nd

The Strange Preacher's Kid

Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. "Look," he said, "I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God." (Acts 7:55-56)

One of the problems I had with accepting the trinity as "God is three in one" had to do with Jesus "standing (or sitting) at the right hand of God." Sure, Jesus the Creator, that creative expression of God was fine. Yes, He is ever-existent, but if God is one and Jesus is God, how can he be standing at his own right hand? Well, "Duh," as the kids say, when God came to earth to reveal Himself, He took on a human body. That body is very real, is glorified, and that bodily representation, Jesus, is at the right hand of God.

-- pab


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