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Vol. V, No. 1

April 2013

From Our Interim President

Dear Camp Family,

Greetings to all,

Plans for the 2014 Camp Meeting are coming together: The Evangelists and the Bible Teacher are confirmed. Missionaries have been contacted and people are working on special events for our "Diamond" Anniversary.

A host of peole have expressed support and are praying for our camp ministry--a great spirit prevails within the camp family. There will be changes and adjustments but people are cooperating and we are trusting God to help us move forward.

The prayer chains have been busy the last few months as much sickness has visted us. We thank all of our prayer partners for their faithful service. I invite you to join us in praying for our camp ministry and make your plans to be a part of this work.

God's richest blessings on each one of you,
-- Rev. Dean Gilkerson

From Our Treasurer

Greetings from the Treasurer and Financial Secretary:

Thank you, faithful financial supporters of Avon Park Camp. What happens financially during the first three months of the year is very critical for the remainder of the year. I'm pleased to report that our Net Income for those three months of 2012 and 2013 are almost equal. For 2012 it was $80,914 and for 2013 it was $79,675.

Our Contribution Income for the 2013 period was down almost $15,000 and Other Operational Income was down $13,600, or a total of $28,600 due mainly from maintenance, loan interest and utilities.

Thank you for all the volunteer support. We are very dependent on our Continuing Share Supporters during the summer months. We did have some that canceled their support this winter, however the good news is that some of those have returned to supporting the camp and we appreciate that so much.

Since beginning the Gift Annuity Program in 2003, we have 36 participants. I was able to process number 36 last week for $10,000 which will give her an income of 8.2% for the rest of her life, paid to her quarterly. If you would like a non-committal Annuity Agreement, all I would need is your date of birth (as your age determines the rate of return) and an amount. Our minimum is $5,000.

-- Bob and Bonnie Hudson

From Our Business Manager

Greetings from warm sunny Avon Park.

People have been heading North, and the Camp is very quiet, which will give Troy a chance to get comfortable with what he needs to do, and become familiar with the business. He is doing a good job.

We have about five houses that are up for sale. You can see them listed on the website. (Click Here) Spread the word around and let people know about the wonderful opportunities here at Avon Park Camp.

We are anticipating several groups coming and using our facilities for their Camp Meetings and various retreats. It is always exciting and refreshing to see this place used of God, even though it is lots of work for Volunteers and the Staff.

The Lake Isis storm water remediation project is about to begin. It will certainly help eliminate much of the erosion problems on the beach. We will lose the big tree in the retention area where the cross is. They can't help that.

Pray for us.

I have been reminded of what God said in Isaiah 43. Let me paraphrase:    

    v 15: "I am the Lord, your Holy One."
    v 18: "Forget about the past" - "don't even think about it."
    v 19: "I will do a new thing - Don't you see it?"
      [I love that part: Look for the Glory of the Lord. Don't you see it?]
    v 19: "I will make a way."

Thank the Lord for His Mercy--Have a wonderful summer,

-- Dave Coller

Prayer Opportunities

We plan to reinstitute the ePrayer list effective May 1. Send any requests to ePrayer@avonparkcamp.org

Please pray for, Jean Alexander (Serenity House Assisted Living Alternative, 313 Quail Ave, Sebring FL 33870), Nathan Althoff, Beth Coppedge, Len and Joanne Gamber, Marge Geer, Dean and Marlene Gilkerson, Dale and Rose Hampton, Bob and Bonnie Hudson, Bob and Imogene James, George and Ruth Jenkins, Eldred and Luanne Kelley, Marion Lewton, John and Blanche Louthain, Ligia Mejia, Fran Moore, Kathy Patterson, Jean Rollings, Hettie Shingledecker, Glenna Shook, and Camille Winslow.

Please pray for our camp leadership team and each member of our camp.


The 75th annual Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting is Thursday, January 30, through Sunday, February 9 2013.

Scheduled Evangelists are Dave Engbrecht, Tom Hermiz and David Gallimore.

Make your reservations for Camp Meeting today!

For dorm rooms or apartment or trailer rentals, call Rosa at the office 863-453-6831.

Call Sonny and Dianne at 812-945-7828 for RV reservations. Our campsites are available year round!

The brochures will be out in a couple of months. Watch the Camp Meeting page for updates!

From Our Missionaries

Please pray for Frances Moore's daughter, and husband, Sylvia and Ray Degenkolb, who are preparing to go to Columbia as missionaries with OMS. They will need financial support and hope to leave the States by July 2013. Anyone who wishes to be a part of their financial support, contact them at 103 E. Tenny Ave., Louisville KY 40214, or by calling 502-361-2715 or emailing syldegen@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your continued prayers!



Heads up for the Illinois Area Avon Park Day at Beulah Holiness Camp in Eldorado, IL. Mark your calendars for WEDNESDAY, JULY 31. We will gather together again in the Dining Hall for lunch and sharing.

Mark 10:15 NET

"I tell you the truth, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it."

The Strange Preacher's Kid

What do you bring to Christ, to God, to ensure you will enter the Kingdom? Your service? Your piety? Your wealth?

When Jesus said to receive the kingdom of God like a child, he did not say, “Bring me all you have and do all you can to show me you deserve the Kingdom.” He said to come with empty hands, bringing only yourself; trusting, loving, expecting a blessing. It is in surrendering yourself to His love, trusting His wisdom and guidance, and giving up your claims to the world that allows him to bless you over and over again.

-- PAB

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