Letter from the President

Greetings in Jesus Name,

Welcome to the Avon Park, Florida, Holiness camp meeting and community!

This past year we have enjoyed a marked increase in our overall attendance.  Several projects have been completed that add to the attractiveness of our community.

In the current year, several more projects coming out of our strategic plan, will be started.  We anticipate that some of them will be completed as funds are available.

We are blessed with a large number of talented volunteers.  They are involved in greatly improving our facilities.

Our 2023 camp meeting runs from February 5-12, 2023.  Once again we will have powerful evangelists, Bible teachers and musicians.  Their ministries will challenge us to draw closer to the Lord.

Please contact the office and make your reservation as soon as possible.  You will enjoy the inspirational services and the warm Florida sunshine.

We have housing that some people reserve for the entire winter season.  Houses are also available for those who wish to retire in Florida.   The Christian fellowship is outstanding.

Grace and Peace,

Thomas H. Hermiz


Avon Park Camp 84th Encampment
February 5-12, 2023

Daily Preaching Services, Bible Study, Missionary Moment and Music Ministry.

Evangelists: Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. William Ury; Bible Teacher: Dr. David Case; Song Evangelists: David and Charlene Adams of Adams Voice

Missionaries: Mark and Serena Dunbar, WGM and John and Lisa Hamilton, OMS



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