Hurricane Ian
Update as of September 30, 2022

Hurricane Ian has had devastating effects on many areas of southern and central Florida.  Gasoline in our area is limited with long waits at stations that have remaining supplies. As I write this, electricity has just been restored as of 6:300m tonight at Avon Park Camp.

We are grateful for the many prayers on our behalf as the hurricane made its way into central Florida.  We believe God protected us from this life-threatening and devastating storm.  We covet your continued prayers as we deal with the aftermath of hurricane Ian.   All residents are safe, and their homes are still structurally sound.  Most of our RV park residents took shelter in one of our dorms.  We are grateful that the RV units received only minor damage. We lost electricity at 7 pm on Wednesday evening.  Since then, we have been running our generator at the dining hall and ice is available to those who need it.  There is also a microwave available and a cell phone charging station.

The eye of the hurricane came through about 12 miles to our south.  While the buildings are intact, several have suffered some damage.  The office complex lost a significant number of shingles resulting in water damage in one of the rooms.  We have wet carpet in the Turbeville dormitory which will require remediation. The water pressure tank for the non-potable water system was blown over breaking pipes rendering the system inoperable. With limited help on the grounds, some of the remediation and repairs will have to be outsourced.

All communication from the office has been interrupted due to the lack of electricity.  We regret that we were unable to respond to emails and phone messages while the power was out. We continue to appreciate and value your prayers and support as we work through the aftermath of this storm.

If you are interested in helping us with the cost of the cleanup and restoration process, we encourage you to mail a check to Avon Park Camp, 1001 West Lake Isis Ave, Avon Park Florida, 33825 or contribute directly on our website.

May God bless you richly,

 Dale Dorothy, 

 Director of Operations